I am admittedly terrible at being "girly". I don't even like that word. I mean, aren't I being "girly" by being, you know, female? Anyway, I've never been big on makeup. Oh, there was a time when I worked for one of our sister stations (who plays rock music) where I wore far too much black eyeliner and eye shadow, but thankfully that time was short-lived.

My daily beauty regimen is pretty much - shower, towel dry hair, brush hair, put on moisturizer, walk out the door. I'm pretty low maintenance. But, a few months ago I decided that I needed to give makeup a try and signed up for Ipsy.com. They send me a package once a month full of makeup that fits my skin type and what-not. There's only problem...

I can't figure out how to use half of it! Like, my first shipment included bronzer and I had no idea what it was even used for. I'm that inept when it comes to makeup. So, this month, I decided to try out all of my Ipsy stuff and take video of it. For your enjoyment. It didn't go as well as I had planned.

Disclaimer: Please ignore my terribly chipped nail polish.

Disclaimer #2: No I didn't get engaged/married and forget to tell you guys, I just happen to wear ring on that finger.

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