When I was doing my makeup this morning I realized that I was running low on primer and decided it was time to make a trip to every girl's favorite beauty store, Sephora. It's one of the most exciting places for a female. Makeup & perfume at your dispense. All different types by different brand names. So many to choose from. Decisions, decisions. A 10 minute trip can turn into an hour.

That's why when I read the news about Sephora's trial run for a subscription service I was ecstatic! The service will be called Play! By Sephora and each month, a box with a handful of samples, will be sent out, for customers to try for only $10/month. Being that it's only a trial run it unfortunately will be tested out in a few markets to start off with before expanding. According to Harper's Bazaarit will begin in Boston, Cincinnati, & Columbus this September. Each box will have a "theme" and include a "Play! Book" offering beauty tricks and fun facts about the products. A Spotify playlist will also be included to make primping time that much more fun. Sounds good to me! I love discovering new music!

In addition, each box will give customers a "Play! Pass" which you can bring into a store and a professional will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the products. Not to mention it also adds 50 points to your Beauty Insider (if you don't have one of those, get it here!). People who sign up for the subscription box will also have access to monthly in-store events. This deal just keeps getting better and better!

I will keep you updated when it comes to a city near us! I already can't wait!

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