A Grand Rapids-area man is now dead in a strange and scary situation that occurred on Monday morning.

The Eaton County Sheriff's Office posted an immediate release on Facebook that they received multiple calls and reports regarding a man standing in the middle of Saginaw Highway "firing off rounds in the air and also pointing the handgun at motorists." The incident occurred just before 8:30 a.m.

When deputies arrived, they found a man shot in the road. It was soon discovered that a 22-year-old man from Delta Twp. (near Lansing) shot the suspect after he stopped in front of his car and pointed a gun at him. In response, the 22-year-old CPL holder, fired his pistol from his car. EMT declared the suspect dead on the scene.

The sheriff's office identified the suspect as a 26-year-old male from Walker but did not release a name. As of Monday evening, there's no further information regarding why the suspect was where he was or what motivated him to do what he did.

The Eaton County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the matter and interviewing multiple witnesses. Police say that there's a chance several people may have seen what happened because Saginaw Hwy. is a high-traffic area. If you have any information that can help with the investigation contact Det. Buxton at (517) 323-8484.

In 2006, Michigan passed the Self-Defense Act which allows someone [when not involved a crime] to use deadly force against an individual if there is imminent danger that can cause great bodily harm, death, or a sexual assault.

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