WOW. Sounds like some stuff has been going down at school drop off and pick up...

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The Walker Police Department shared posts to Facebook admonishing parents who apparently have been getting frustrated with school bussing and taking it out on drivers and students.

So it didn't involve bussing, but I will say, I had my first experiences with school pick up and drop off recently while babysitting my nieces and It took me a WHILE to figure it out. Pick up for third graders in lane three, but only after 3:15. If it's before 3:15, use the center lane. Fuel-efficient vehicles take lane one unless your child is a kindergartener, then you can also use lane one... and so on. Sometimes it DID get frustrating and I did see people I thought *might* be breaking the rules... but luckily I didn't see any public freak-outs or fights. I figure you gotta try to keep your cool, especially in front of kids, and the school staff are probably just as stressed out as we are...

I'm not sure what exactly lead to the posts from Walker PD. But in the comments, some are bringing up the school bus driver shortage and the changing and cancellation of certain routes.. which I get has been a strain on parents...


As Walker PD says, please don't yell at staff or students and "generally act a fool".

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