Unfortunately the only shoveling we'll be doing this weekend is the shoveling of snow.

I'm looking forward to a few more flips of the calendar, then shoveling some food down at a Whitecaps game.

A hot dog, peanuts, and Cracker Jacks make for a great start.  But we're talking about a Whitecaps game.  It's the home of the now famous 4,889 calorie giant burger.  Anything goes on their menu and now they want your help as they decide what to add.

What to add to the menu?  It's entirely up to you and the possibilities are endless.  Why not just pick your favorite at-home snack.  Microwave popcorn sounds good, but this is the big-time so let's dream large.  What about dragon-shaped steak pieces drizzled with a dark chocolate sauce and served with a side of Skittles?  I'd try it.  No need to go healthy, right?

Submissions will be accepted through February 2.  The Whitecaps will then narrow it down to their 10 favorite submissions which they will open to a public vote.  Submit your idea here.

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