Mosquitoes with the West Nile Virus have been detected in Kent County.

WZZM reports that officials from the Kent County Health Department have confirmed the virus in mosquitoes but not in any person.

The mosquitoes were found in East and Southeast Grand Rapids with the zip code 49506. However, just because the virus was found in one zip code doesn't mean it can be in any surrounding areas.

According to the news release from the health department, the city of Grand Rapids has begun treating the virus using

...larvicide pellets into catch basins and areas of pooled still water."

Risk of West Nile is high until the first frost of the season. In the meantime people are asked to protect themselves by using a mosquito repellent with 10-35% DEET, wear light colored clothing and stay inside at dusk. Also, get rid of any standing water because that's what mosquitoes are attracted to.

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