Seeing a #PeopleDoingGood story in my neighborhood makes so happy!

I've seen the initial conversation about wanting to do this on facebook, so I was really happy/touched to see the story on MLive.

Members of the "We Are Westsiders" Facebook group have been talking about a month or so about buying the crossing guard at Alpine and Leonard, Brenda Dobbs, a pair of boots for the winter. The group wanted to show their appreciation for her awesome personality, which included plenty of smiling and waving to both students of Harrison Park Elementary and those who drive past on their commutes.

MLive reports that members of the group got together with Brenda on Friday at Miera's Family Shoes. The group had collected enough money to buy two pairs of boots. And from the video, you can see Brenda was very touched and grateful.

Thanks for the smiles every day, Brenda!

source: MLIVE

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