For today's Big Joe's Question of the Day we wanted to know all about something that you might have regretted doing. It could be as simple as eating some spicy food, or as complicated as getting married.

Big Joe's answer to the question was karate kicking a board that had a nail sticking out of it. When he was a kid he was into martial arts and decided it would be a good idea to try to break the board with a kick. It didn't turn out well. Wendy's answer was repelling down the side of the tallest building in Grand Rapids for charity. She literally fainted after being lowered over the side and had to be pulled back in and didn't complete the repel. Steve's answer was going down a water slide because he is scared of heights and can't swim.

Let's see what West Michigan had to say:

  • I drank Captain Morgan and I haven't nor ever will drink it again!!
  • I've tried weed for the first time and never again, I had a very severe reaction to it I was unconscious for five minutes according to my friend.
  • #BJQOTD I jumped off a cliff into the bottom of a waterfall, it was exhilarating! But I'll never do it again! Lol
  • Bungee jumping
  • Drove off without paying for gas once. Never again
  • 3 shots of tequila with white Russian chasers after each!! Apparently tequila curdled the cream in the white Russian. Never been so sick in my life!
  • Had a kid. Once is all it took. No thank you to being sick for 10 months all over again.
  • Went to a party in middle school.... Once was enough. I couldn't even stay the whole time. I was trying to be more "sociable" and step out of my comfort zone, but it was too uncomfortable.. I don't like big gatherings. Haven't went to a party since. And I don't regret it
  • Skiing. Put my skis on. Went down a bunny hill. Pizza'd when I should have french fry'd. Hit a tree. Removed skis. Never again.
  • Giant water slides…. Never again… did not enjoy the feeling of suffocation, drowning, and the shooting water spray that pushes swimsuits where no fabric should ever go!
  • Get married
  • Rollercoaster. It's not for me. I'm not a thrill seeker at all.
  • The Simpsons ride at Universal
  • Got married.
  • Got married, NEVER again!!
  • Jumping off a bridge. Ears popped really bad when I hit the water. Luckily my friend was there to help me.
  • Let my brother shoot me with a paint ball gun! He has a video of me running in the yard yelling “ow, ow,ow”!
  • Went on the Power Tower at Cedar Point Total panic attack. I’ll go on all of the biggest roller coasters, but never the Power Tower again!
  • Jump from a bridge into water that I could not see the bottom of it was a big fear of mine and I did it once and I don't know if I'll ever do it again but I'm really proud that I did it and so we're all my friends and my boyfriend
  • Roller coaster
  • Lost my virginity.
  • Helicopter ride and parasailing! Nope and nope
  • Scuba diving
  • I once ate a bbq chicken foot on a stick, never again.
  • White water rafting
  • Answer a lame meme on Facebook
  • Had a child
  • I worked in a small restaurant as a teen and we would always date people to do things,, I got paid $2.00 to eat 2 good size chunks of blue cheese out of the dressing, I barely made it through the rest of my shift, it qas the worst thing ever,I felt so sick.
  • Walk 237 steps down to a river…only to have to walk back up them 2 hours later while already exhausted…never go anywhere with that many stairs again
  • Im never eating sauerkraut again.
  • I decided to iron my shirt while it was on me still. I had a triangle shaped burn on my chest for ever

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