It's that time again!  Time for a Buzzfeed Quiz!  This time around we are looking at a quiz that claims to be able to guess your age based on your dessert preferences.  Can they do it?

Curtis took the quiz first and he chose these answers: Ginger snap, Mint chip, Crème brûlée, Cake, Fruit cake, my S.O., and Pie.  The quiz estimated his age at 48 years-old..  A bit off than his actual.

Connie took the quiz second and she answered: Peanut Butter, Mint chip, Trifle, Truffle, Fruit cake, My parents, and cake.  The quiz estimated her age at 24.  Connie is a kid at heart!

And finally Steve took the quiz with these answers: Peanut butter, Strawberry, Crème brûlée, I don't like chocolate, Fruit cake, a professional baker, and Cake.  The quiz was spot on with Steve, correctly guessing his age of 32!

Take the quiz and tell us how you did!