Have you bought your Dad a gift yet for Father's Day? If not, get him something he really wants... and what Dad wants is a vacation!

The Oklahoman says that according to a new survey most dads want a vacation (36%). Or if that's a little too much out of your budget buy Dad a ticket to a sporting event.

The survey of 1,000 American fathers found that your Dad also wouldn't mind getting power tools, an iPad, a watch, beer, or stuff for BBQing. All very "dad" stuff.

However, whatever you do... DON'T get dad a gym membership. It ranks as the worst gift at 92%. Other gifts Dad doesn't want to open include underwear & socks and a tie.

The survey also found that like moms, over half (56%) of Dads want to spend the holiday with their family so even if you don't get a gift at least Dad will still appreciate having you around. But maybe you should at least show up with some beer ;)

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