Some things we think about but which are rarely discussed is personal hygiene in the bathroom. Men or women, who is cleaner?! Luckily for us, a new Australian research has all the answers!

The men out there thought their women colleagues were near perfect when in reality the men tied the women when it came to washing hands. They say 96% of both men and women wash their hands with soap and water at the office! *Sigh of relief*

They also break down other statistics like the following:

Cleaning the toilet seat before they sit down: 77% of men, 59% of women

Closing the lid before they flush: 69% of men, 63% of women.

Avoiding touching things in public bathrooms: 67% of men, 53% of women.

Looks like ladies have some work to do when is comes to bathroom cleanliness

Check out the link below for the full breakdown