Ok, I need your help.  We know there are some great small towns around West Michigan and we want to highlight the best of these towns with our “West Michigan Small Town of Week”, but we need to know, which towns are the best for stopping by for a quick visit or a weekend away from life.

Last winter I wrote about how friendly Hastings is after visiting the town for a grand opening of a grocery store, I’ve kayaked in Saugatuck and while I was only delivering lunch while in Rockford, the town looked like a cool small town that should be explored more.

Each town has something to bring people into town for a quick visit or weekend getaway.  Maybe it’s like Cedar Springs with the Red Flannel Festival or Grand Haven’s waterfront.  Tell us right now why your small town should be highlighted!  What makes it great?  What should we be sure to check out if we highlighted your town? Even if there’s some local character that we should meet, let us know!

5 West Michigan small towns will be highlighted, one each week, for 5 weeks. That means we need you to tell us which of the small towns are the best.  We’ll pick the towns with the most nominations, so get your neighbors to nominate your town as well!

We’ll highlight our first small town, Friday, January 12th.