After we just experienced the most snowfall this past weekend, we are being bombarded by snow yet again this weekend.

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Make sure you have everything you need for a cozy weekend in because I promise are not going anywhere.

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Grab your shovels, rock salt, gloves, jackets, food, water bottles, etc.

With everything going on, I can imagine stores will be running out of things.

Snow-covered street and cars with a lonely pedestrian. Heavy snowstorm

So if you do not have salt in your garage or storage rooms, no worries!

Your daily cup of coffee may have just saved you from a bad fall.

Do Not Throw Away Your Coffee Grounds!

I bet that you did not know that your daily cup of Joe can actually come in handy during these extremely cold, icy, and snowy winter months.

Pavel Timofeyev

So grab your used coffee grounds and let's chat!

According to Bob Villa,

"Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which works to lower the melting point of ice. Additionally, the dark color of coffee grounds better absorbs sunlight better than white snow or clear ice, slightly helping to increase the melting speed."

What you will need are leftover coffee grounds and a freshly-shoveled sidewalk.

Valentyn Volkov, ThinkStock

Do not do this before you have shoveled your sidewalks or cars off.

Once you have your coffee grounds, act as if they were the melting ice, you sprinkle the grounds down and watch the magic happen.

Denver Braces For Massive Snow Storm
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Besides using coffee grounds, there are plenty of other tips and tricks that you can use during this snowy time, such as using a potato to de-ice your windshield.

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