When asked: "Which state looks like a mitten?"  99% of people will respond with: "Michigan."  Well apparently the 1% of people who wouldn't answer that way work at TravelWisconsin.com.  Notice the picture to the left... Yeah that's right, Wisconsin is trying to steal Michigan's signature mitten!  Wisconsin doesn't even look like a mitten!  It's one of those WTF moments that just gets under a Michiganders skin.  I mean we have one of the worst economies in the country... At least let us have our freakin' mitten!

According to Lisa Marshall, a Wisconsin Department of Tourism spokeswoman, the people of Wisconsin consider the state to be mitten shaped as well.  Really!?  Wisconsin!?  Shaped like a mitten!?  Italy is shaped like a boot, Florida is shaped like a dong, and Oklahoma is shaped like a pot.  Saying that Wisconsin is shaped like mitten is like saying Wyoming is shaped like a basket of kittens.

So on behalf of the residents of Michigan, I would like to say "Stay away from our signature mitten icon Wisconsin!"