It's a scary trend we're hearing about more often in Michigan. Notes or items being left on car windshields to potentially lure someone out of their car.

A woman says she found a suspicious note on her windshield in Comstock Park on Friday night.

Megan Winters says she immediately locked her doors and drove away when she saw the note which apologized for scratching her car on the back left side.

In her Facebook post, Winters says, "Whether it's human traffickers or carjackers who play this game, it is definitely something that happens very often in public places or parking lots."

Winters says there was no scratch on her car when she looked.

Finding an item on your windshield in a parking lot is a scenario which has received a lot of attention in Michigan this year.

An incident in February, near Flint, where a shirt was left on a windshield turned out to be a prank. While an incident in March, in Mount Pleasant, found pornographic material left on a windshield. Similar incidents were reported around Mount Pleasant and the man suspected of leaving the materials has since taken his own life.

It's impossible to immediately know why an item or note has been placed on your vehicle when you find it. It could be a prank, a genuine communication or an attempt at something criminal. It's best to make sure you're in a safe place before trying to figure out which it is.