What is it with people who have no common sense seeking money because of their stupidity, from stores they patronize? I don't get it.

You've heard about the woman who sued McDonald's because the hot coffee spilled in her lap and she didn't realize it would be hot? How about the guy who bought an RV, set the cruise control and wandered into the back, thinking that would "auto-pilot" the vehicle?

Now, we have another one to add. A woman was walking into an Apple Store apparently didn't realize glass doors were at the entrance. These doors were apparently very clean, because she ran straight into them.

She broke her nose and is now suing Apple for $75K in medical expenses, plus additional damages up to $1M for negligence.

Her lawsuit says "Apple was negligent in allowing a clear, see-through glass wall and/or door to exist without proper warning." She claims to have not realized she was walking into a wall of glass.

Oh yeah, she's 83. I know a fair amount of 83 year olds ... I can't imagine ANY of them would a) go to the Apple Store or b) walk so fast they'd break their nose or c) sue a store because they weren't paying attention!