Winning the lottery is an exciting thing that I can't say I've ever experienced. The most I've ever won was $20 off a scratch off and let me tell you it was an exciting day for me. But if $20 was enough to make me happy, this Massachusetts woman has many reasons to celebrate.

According to the Boston Globe, Constance Carpenito won $1 million last week off of a scratch off purchased at her local grocery store. She opted for a lump-sum payment of $650,000.

However, what makes this story more exciting is that this isn't the first time Carpenito has won the lottery. 19 years ago, in 1996, she won a million dollars at the SAME store! According to the Lottery spokesman,

Carpenito has also won a $20,000 prize on a ticket purchased at the same Stop & Shop."

If that's not hitting the jackpot I don't know what is.

The lucky winner says she plans on making this a special Christmas for her family with the money she won.