Ok, this is going wayyyyyy too far. First, there's the craze over the "50 Shades Of Grey" books in and of themselves. Then, there are the pages upon pages of "50 Shades" inspired items for sale on Etsy. And now? Now, there is a name for babies that have been conceived because of their mothers reading "50 Shades Of Grey". They're called "greybies", and the fact that that word exists makes me want to punch someone in the face. According to some moms who frequent the site BabyCenter.com, a "50 Shades" inspired baby boom may be happening soon. You can call the books mommy porn, or just books that everyone seems to want to read, but the bottom line is that once you start reading them, you can't stop until you know what ends up happening to Ana Steele and Christian Grey. And guys, while originally mocking women for their love of the books, are now realizing that they can reap the benefits of this book - it makes their wives, girlfriends, and fiancee's a little more frisky than usual.

Yes, women all over America are embracing their inner goddesses and now they're going to have to embrace motherhood. A user named brownierobinbird posted on one of the BabyCenter message boards, "I would like to thank the author of '50 Shades of Grey' for our newest edition." And after that, dozens more pregnant ladies chimed in saying that they, too, were expecting a "greybie".

And, while Christian Grey is definitely not the father of any of these babies (because, you know, he's not real), many of the "50 Shades" offspring will be named after him. Name trend-watchers are predicting an uptick in the names "Christian" and "Ana" among newborns this year.

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