This could be considered good news or bad news depending on how much of a fan of snow fan you are. You'll either find yourself running for joy towards your scarf and gloves, or cowering under a blanket.

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(Don't worry blanket dwellers, you're in good company.)

We've already been warned by experts that the winter season of 2022 -2023 is going to be cold, snowy, and long. And sure, we could always take warnings as predictions, it looks like this year's heavy winter is already becoming reality.

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What parts of Michigan have seen record snow fall in October 2022?

You may be aware that bands of snow hit the UP over the weekend and leading into the earlier part of this week. Areas north of the Mackinaw bridge saw anywhere from 6 to 20 inches of snow.

Fresh Snow Blankets The East Coast
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According to the National Weather Service in Neguanee, the end total of snowfall on October 18th was 9 inches. This was a record snow for October 18th in Neguanee, but it wasn't the only one.

Massive Winter Storm Brings Snow And Heavy Winds Across Large Swath Of Eastern Seaboard
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The combined snowfall from October 17th to October 18th in Neguanee measured a total of 18.1 inches, which made the same area hit a SECOND snowfall record in the same day. The 18.1 inch snowfall is a new all-time record for a two-day snow event in the month of October at the National Weather Service office.

So while you can't judge an entire season based on a single early storm, it seems that all signs are pointing towards a cold one. Grab your hats, gloves, and coats and get ready to shovel and slide for potentially a few extra months.

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