Looking for a new job? Check out these tips that will help get your resume noticed!

Career Builder recently put together a survey of hiring managers, and came out with some pretty amazing info you might be able to use.

Its survey found that 68 percent of hiring manager spend less than two minutes on a resume, and 17 percent spent less than 30 seconds.

Time to brush up on some power words.

Just over half of hiring managers said you should you the word 'achieved,' they like seeing it and it speaks volumes or your accomplishments ... or your achievements!

Other words they say you should work into your resume are; improved, trained, managed, created, resolved, volunteered, influenced, increased, and decreased.

They say to stay away from words or phrases like; best of breed, go getter, think outside the box, synergy, go to guy (or gal), thought leadership, value added, results driven, team player and bottom line.

Good luck!

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