"You're fired" was the infamous line Donald Trump delivered to contestants on the popular NBC reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice. But since getting fired himself it seems as if "you're terminated" will be the new saying based on the trailer released for the 8th season, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new host.

The trailer doesn't give us insight on what we can expect from the show but rather an introduction to who's in charge now and it all has a very Terminator-like feel. In the video you see a machine "building" a human robot which obviously turns into Schwarzenegger and the promo reveals that they're "building a new boss."

Some of the celebrities starring on season 8 will include Nicole "Snooki" Polozzi (Jersey Shore), Laila AliBoy GeorgeCarnie Wilson, and Jon Lovitz. You can see the rest of the list here.

If you remember, Trump had his kids as his advisers. This time around Jessica AlbaTyra BanksWilliam BuffetSteve Ballmer, and Schwarzenegger's nephew will be the ones to advise him.

The Celebrity Apprentice premieres on NBC January 2, 2017.

As a fan of the show, and yes I admit, I really liked Donald Trump as the host, I'm definitely looking forward to it. I'm curious to see how Arnold will do and make this his own.

Will you be watching the new Celebrity Apprentice?