Zip The Grand organizers have been staying busy as they work towards making their project a reality.

We have the latest on Zip The Grand, including a new look.

We first talked about the project in January.  Since then there has been both good news and setbacks for Zip The Grand.

The original plan was to allow for two zip lines going across and then two coming back. Now there will be one zip line across and one coming back.  Zip The Grand explains in an update posted on their Facebook page:

It remains a (6) pole structure but has gotten much taller. Although we had hoped to allow for two zip lines to cross the Grand River at one time, from an engineering standpoint, it is not feasible (or safe).

Zip The Grand also talked about their meeting with a soil engineer, the addition of a new advisor, and their plans to be more careful about what information they share publicly. They also said they are preparing to present a final proposal to the owners of a new proposed location.

See a new rendering of the project below and read the full announcement here.

Would you Zip The Grand?

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