A 1-year-old boy has died after the man watching him is angered by the baby's fussing and allegedly slammed the child to the ground multiple times.

I don't claim to know how a person gets this angry but being a father I know my place on this Earth is to help my son if anything is wrong. I guess that was not the case for  23-year-old Alex Radulovic of Grand Rapids.

According to court documents reported on by FOX 17, Radulovic was angered by the child's crying and being irritable. He claimed he was also angered since the child's mom, Alissa Butler, was not there to take care of the child. Alissa was at work at the time of the incident.

The court documents from the 61st District Court show a very sad story of Radulovic who was supposed to be watching the 1-year-old boy by the name of Alexander Butler whose nickname was Xan. When Xan was crying Radulovic told police he grabbed the child by the chest and slammed him to the ground 2 or 3 times. Then when the child was unresponsive he used water on the child's face to wake him and when that didn't work said he tried using CPR.

What is very troubling is that Radulovic did not make an immediate call for an ambulance. In fact, Radulovic left the child alone in a crib at the house, smoked a cigarette and went for a walk then met up with a man by the name of Adam Wolak.

Radulovic and Wolak returned to the home, according to court documents Wolak said the child was groaning, had purple lips, and could visibly see damage to the child's head and that is when Radulovic finally called 911.

Radulovic did admit to authorities that he did injure the child.

Kent County medical examiner's office indicated the child died because of trauma to the head and ruled Butler's death a homicide.

Radulovic is currently in custody at the Kent County Jail. If convicted of first-degree homicide Radulovic would be looking at possible life in prison.

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