On Saturday, I was at Family Fare in Wyoming for a live remote and at the same time was the 28th Street Metro Cruise so I decided to stick around afterwards and check out some of the cars and indulge in some food truck food. There were lots of people and lots of different classic cars cruising up and down 28th Street and parked in the Rogers Plaza. But, of course, I had to begin my adventure with a corn dog which was so good I forgot to take a picture just to show you how amazing it was.

But here are two cars that remind me of mustard & ketchup, condiments I had on my corn dog.

Mustard & Ketchup [Christine George][/caption]

Some other cars I saw along the way.

28th Street Metro Cruise [Christine George][/caption]

28th Street Metro Cruise [Christine George][/caption] 








It would be interesting to drive these cars.

28th Street Metro Cruise [Christine George][/caption]

 Being a hot day, it was only right to stop for freshly squeezed lemonade. 

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade [Christine George][/caption]

The cruise continues...

Dragster [Christine George][/caption] 

I would be very claustrophobic in this thing

I love this car & color! [Christine George][/caption]

Low Rider [Christine George][/caption]

All hand painted.

Low Rider [Christine George][/caption]

Cheech & Chong made an appearance.

Low Rider [Christine George][/caption]

 This is kind of creepy...

New Salem Corn Maize Car [Christine George][/caption]

But, this is pretty cool....

The Street Beast [Christine George][/caption]

 Pimp My Ride 

The Street Beast [Christine George][/caption]

The Street Beast [Christine George][/caption]

 A my-size car!

A Car That's My Size! [Christine George][/caption]

Can't leave before getting some walking tacos. Unfortunately it just looks like a bag of Fritos with a fork in it.

Walking Taco [Christine George][/caption]

After the Metro Cruise, I decided to go to the Downtown Market. And the food adventure continued. I tried a bunch of vinegars and olive oils from Old World Olive Co. Mmm so many good ones. Then I passed by the sushi restaurant, Sushi Maki, and being a sushi-lover there was no way I was going to keep walking without at least trying one of the rolls. I ordered The Mango Lovers Roll and while I was waiting I sat down and watched the sushi chefs do their magic. I love being able to watch chefs while they cook because it always makes for a cool experience. Finally, the sushi came out and it looked amazing! There were 11 giant rolls ready for me to devour. Boy, was it DELICIOUS! By far, one of the BEST rolls I've ever had (and I've had a lot of sushi so that's saying something).

The Mango Lover Roll from Sushi Maki in Downtown Market [Christine George][/caption]

If you like sushi and you like mangos I DEFINITELY suggest trying this from Sushi Maki. I was getting really tired and my feet were hurting so I walked around a little more before stopping at Brezel for some pretzel sticks to take home. Five to be exact.

The night ended with chicken fingers, a pizza, and a tall glass of cold Oberon from Uccello's. A very tall glass.

Tall Glass of Oberon [Christine George][/caption]A food coma was inevitable.