Monday. The least favorite day of the week because it's back to reality and time to get back into the swing of things. We've all suffered from "a case of the Mondays," but the question is how do you get through it so it isn't so dreadful?

Spotify did a survey on how effective music is in helping people get through their Mondays, and weeks. Over 3,000 adults from five different countries were surveyed.

Overall, 64% of people hate Mondays, which is kind of surprising to me that it's not higher considering almost everyone hates Mondays.

The survey found that these are the top 5 things people do to get through Mondays:

  1. Drink Extra Coffee 46%
  2. Listen to Music 44%
  3. Eat 33%
  4. Exercise 28%
  5. Have Sex 19%

Combine all of these things and you're having the best Monday ever!


What do you do to get through your Mondays?

Source: Billboard