I know I got your attention with this one!  I also know that you are probably thinking that your marriage can't possibly fall into a 'type' because yours is  different from the rest, right?

First of all, what is the couple in my featured picture thinking?  Lucky for them, 'crazy' isn't one of the types!

According to Yahoo Shine the 6 types of Marriage are:

Cat and Dog:  You fight a lot and are passionate when you do.  You also like to make-up married couple style!

Thrill of the Chase:  One of you likes the other more than the other!

Parent and Child:  One person plays the grown-up and the other is totally irresponsible and childish.

Idol and Fan:  Think Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes where one person adores the other until

s(he) figures out that the other person isn't the match he or she thought!

Babes in the Wood:  You are inseparable and best friends.

The Grown-ups:  Unfortunately, this combo leads to a boring lifestyle and quite possibly you are dying on the outside -- even though you look like you're both happy.

Are there any marriage types that I'm missing?  Leave your comments below or e-mail me:  sabrina.fairchild@townsquaremedia.com.