It was supposed to be a day full of fun and dancing for 16-year-old Maren Sanchez, but things took an awful turn.  

She turned down one of her classmates who asked her to prom, and she was fatally stabbed for not going with this classmate.  

The prom was scheduled for that same night, but was postponed. So, the students attended a seaside vigil, where they all wore their suits and dresses and took pictures with the green dress that she was going to wear that night.

There was a photo posted on Facebook with students and Maren's green dress and it sparked some controversy.  

One of the comments read: "It kind of bothers that they're smiling."  

Some people quickly came to the defense of the photo, with one person posting: "They put smiles on their faces to give a moment away from the sadness for the family and the other adults there."  

The prom ended up taking place this past weekend, where Sanchez was named prom queen.