After hundreds of votes, we finally have your Bumpkin winner!  The winner is Steve's Bumpkin, in all of its oddly-shaped-butt glory!  Steve decided against the face paint that both Fish and Connie's Husband, Dan, used and went with a kid friendly washable paint.  He chose this to avoid the dusty granular look that he heard both Fish and Dan had.

Steve won with 49%, Dan wasn't too far behind (Get it?...  Behind) with 38% of the vote and Fish brought up the rear (Ha!  Brought up the rear!) with only 13% of the vote.  Even Connie's added touch of green pompoms and rhinestones couldn't give Dan the win.

Butt...  We still wanted to show off the other two bootylicious Bumpkin competitors one last time too.

Dan's Bumpkin
Fish's Bumpkin

Thanks for voting, and if you make a Bumpkin, be sure to share it with us!