The Chalkboard Project is the latest in a growing number of anti-bullying campaigns targeted at teens at young adults.  The campaign is designed "to combat negative perceptions with positive truths."  They hope to accomplish this by to inviting "participants to write a word that has hurt them in the past or a misperception people have of them on a chalkboard."

The Chalkboard Project was conceptualized by a Spring Lake High School art teacher and has made it's way to the hallways of the school. As you walk throughout the school, you'll see a slew of students holding a chalkboard with a negative statement they have heard someone say about themselves.

The campaign will come to a culmination on the April 25th when students will replace the negative statements with positive ones.

Many other schools in the area are hoping to recreate or partner with the Chalkboard Project.

You can check out what the hallway looks like below.

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