When it comes to self-defense, you don't have a lot of legal options to buy over the counter in Michigan.

Pepper sprays and foams, tasers, and many kinds of firearms are either illegal or require a special permit to carry. This can be pretty frustrating if you're just worried about your safety and not trying to take classes or get a permit just to keep yourself safe.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

That's why the latest trend in self-defense is a tool that you wouldn't even know was a weapon, and it's got a name that's just as inconspicuous: The Vampire Straw.

What is a Vampire Straw?

This metal straw packs more than a mighty punch to get into any drink you're trying to consume. It's a titanium straw that is built specifically to pierce through a lot of tough things, including human skin.

Szabo Designs
Szabo Designs

And one man learned that these aren't legal everywhere the hard way last month. He was arrested back in April at Boston Logan International Airport for allegedly carrying a “vampire straw” in his carry-on luggage.

While a lot of things tend to count as weapons to TSA when they wouldn't in the real world, where does that leave the legal status of carrying a Vampire Straw if you live in Michigan?

Are Vampire Straws Legal in Michigan?

There is no specific law in place at this time that prohibits Vampire Straws. However, there is a previous law in place that vaguely covers instruments like it.

According to Michigan law, it's illegal to brandish anything as a weapon, meaning the second you used the straw as an item of self-defense, it becomes illegal.

There's also another law in place that says that you cannot have a "double-edged, non-folding, stabbing instrument", which almost applies, but one side of the straw is flat, so it's hard to argue if it fits.

So while it's not explicitly illegal at this time, it's likely to be in the future, so you may want to skip this trend in self-defense before it gets you arrested while you're traveling elsewhere.

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