The conversation surrounding ArtPrize is going to be even bigger next fall.  ArtPrize has announced the addition of a new $100,000 Juried Grand Prize.

Artists, critics, and just about everybody else has been asking for something like this.  Now we have it.

ArtPrize is also extending the first round from 7 days to 11 days.  ArtPrize officials hinted that such a change was being considered in September. The first round will end on a Saturday and the second round will begin on a Sunday.

I love these changes.  The changes give more time to see art in the first round and more incentive for serious artists to flock to ArtPrize next fall.

ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos explains:

For the past three years, ArtPrize has set itself apart by empowering the public and giving them a critical voice, but the success of the event is based on the exchange of artists’ ideas.  We want ArtPrize to be accessible for everyone, so we hope the new awards will help artists understand our goals and encourage them bring new ideas to the event.
ArtPrize is also increasing the amount of the other juried awards (Two-Dimensional, Three-Dimensional, Time and Performance, Urban Space, Venue) from $7,000 to $20,000 each.  The total amount of prize money at ArtPrize 2012 will be $550,000.  The total at ArtPrize 2011 was $500,000.

There is more money available to be won, but there are also some changes to the prize money available to the winners voted by the public to help create the new award.
  • First place in 2011: $250,000, 2012: $200,00
  • Second place in 2011: $100,000, 2012: $75,000
  • Third place in 2011: $50,000, 2012: $50,000
  • Fourth - Tenth places in 2011: $7,000, 2012: $5,000
Also intertesting to note that the jurors will announce their favorites before the first round is over.  This will add a new twist to first round public voting.

I love the changes.  Without them I think the future growth of ArtPrize was limited.  Now, who knows how big it could get?  Most importantly, the changes will bring more artists, art, and voters to ArtPrize.

Here's the official info on the new $100,000 prize from ArtPrize.