I'm about to be a father here pretty soon, and I have my worries. Normally, a fence would make me feel safe about my child playing in a yard... until now. A 3-year-old toddler managed to escape from his daycare by climbing a 7-foot spiked metal fence in Inverness, England. Why does all the crazy stuff happen in England? Anyways, the little boy named Ashton Addison was found by a person walking his dog after the boys daring escape.

The shocked boy, who had cut his left hand, hadn't gone far and the woman swiftly returned him to Drakies Nursery. His mom, a 23-year-old woman named Lisa Mackenzie said, "I'm also so relieved that a kind, caring person picked him up and took him back to the school. It could have been so much worse, even just thinking about the fence itself. Umm, real quick... why does a daycare have a spiked fence?