I loooove Valentine's Day for the simple fact that pink is my favorite color!  

There are other reasons too, for example, my nephew always sends me Valentine Peeps -- a must for any holiday celebration.   This year I got two packages including red Peeps that say "I ♥ U," and pink hearts! 

Not too long ago, someone asked me if I knew how Valentine's Day got started and I honestly didn't have a clue.  

I've since done some digging and learned that a guy named Valentine (his first name is unknown) was beheaded back in 270 or 280 A.D. for two reasons.   

First, he may have been a doctor who helped persecuted Christians.  Second, Valentine was recognized as a saint after he was imprisoned and eventually  beheaded for telling Roman Emporer Claudius II that he too was a loyal Christ follower. 

The phrase, 'Would you be my Valentine' caught on after a letter he gave to a possible romantic interest (his jailor's daughter) was signed, 'From your Valentine.'   Ever since, February 14th has been celebrated in St. Valentine's honor.