A company will be launching a bicycle sharing program/business in Grand Rapids on Thursday.

Spoke Folks, a Grand Rapids bike co-op that helps people fix and keep up with the maintenance on their bikes, will launch the app-based bike sharing program Spokefly.

Renting a bike will cost you $1 plus 15 cents per minute (so, a 15 minute ride would cost you $3.25).

To use this service, all you have to do is download the Spokefly app, register, and then app will display where there are bikes near you. After renting the bike via the app, you'll be given a code to unlock the bike, and then the app will start charging your credit card.

You can also reserve a bike up to 30 minutes in advance for free.

The program will start with 65 bikes in downtown Grand Rapids, with hopes to have up to 400 bikes available by spring 2016.

This program has been highly successful in other cities, but unlike those cities, where you have to pick up and return the bikes to designated bike racks, Spokefly in Grand Rapids utilizes bike racks that are already in place. You can leave bikes at any bike rack in the city.