Whoever said you couldn't enjoy a burger in a steam room was lying.

A Burger King restaurant in Finland just opened a spa with saunas and steam rooms. Yes, in a Burger King.


TIME says that the restaurant will feature a 15-person sauna which

...is ideal for social gatherings, birthday parties and other events."


Because everyone's ideal place to have a birthday party is in a sauna...?

In addition to the saunas, a media lounge will include a 55" screen TV, Playstation 4, an audio system and a laundry room.

Is this brilliant or crazy? It's almost as if Burger King never wants you to leave. They're enticing you not only with food but with video games and saunas. Not to mention a laundry room! Is this so you can clean your shirt after you spill ketchup on it? Where else would you need to go when you have all of these things in one place?

What do you think of this (random) idea?

I'm on the fence about this. Something about eating a burger and sweating in a sauna just doesn't seem right.

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