Karma is very real.

A 22-year-old man in Florida who was suspected of burglary was killed by an alligator while hiding from cops in a pond.

According to Fox News, the incident occurred last month when Matthew Riggins told his girlfriend he was planning on committing a number of burglaries with another person. Police received calls about two men dressed in all black hiding behind homes. After searching the area and coming up empty handed, deputies called off the search. Riggins was reported missing the next day by his family.

His body was recovered 10 days later at a nearby lake and injuries sustained showed that the alligator pulled the man below the surface.

The sheriff county's dive team came across the same 11-foot gator and was so aggressive had to be euthanized. Bay News 9 reports

Inside the gator's stomach, the medical examiner found proof of how Riggins was killed."

2 lessons can be taken from this story: What goes around comes around & don't ever live in Florida.

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