I'm forgetful. A couple of months ago, I talked about how I forgot to bring a hair tie to work and had to search frantically around my office for something to use instead. Monday, I forgot to bring chapstick to work, which you all know is the absolute WORST! What is it about chapstick that makes it so that the more you think about it, the more you need it?

Luckily, one of my friends over at Celebration! Cinema saw my plight on Facebook, and sent something over to help me out with my problem.

A package was delivered to me in the studio a couple of minutes, and I was a little confused as to what it could be. I wasn't expecting anything from Celebration! Cinema, but I opened it, hoping it was some sort of awesome movie ticket or something. Nope, it was better. They sent me TWO tubes of chapstick and a very nice card.

Thanks, Celebration! Let's be friends forever.