Today has been a weird day. I noticed half way to work this morning that I forgot to put my glasses on. I wasn't surprised, really, as yesterday I had come to work with two unmatching (but very similar) boots on. It's been a heck of a week.

The no glasses thing has been annoying, but not too problematic. However, this afternoon I discovered a bigger problem - I forgot to bring a hair tie to work! I ALWAYS have a hair tie around my wrist, but this morning it must have slipped my mind. I decided it was time to improvise. Below is a series of photos of how that went.

The first random item I thought I could use in my office was a binder clip. Binder clips are like magical metal catchalls for everything! Eureka!

Turns out, not so much.

Then, I noticed a leftover rubber bracelet from a couple of years ago and thought, "It's pretty much exactly like a hair tie! It will totally work!"

And it did!

But... only until I moved my head.

A rubber band! Duh! Just the answer I've been looking for! I knew my search was over.

Until the rubber band broke.


At this point, I was getting desperate. So, I started digging further into the depths of the office to see what we had sitting around the office. Why do we have this?

Tiny spatula. Why not?

Well, that surely wouldn't work. How about my earbuds? They're pretty good with getting tangled together, why couldn't they hold my hair up?

Apparently because that's not what they're meant to do.

Finally, I thought, "Fine. I guess I'll just put on a hat." This was the only hat we had around that wasn't supposed to be given away to someone. It didn't work as well as I had hoped.

So... now my hair looks like this. Is it time to go home yet?