Have a nice trip?  See you next fall...  OK, bad joke, but Steve remembers someone saying that to him when he was a freshman in high school and fell in the hallway.  He waited over 20 years to say that to someone else.

OK, now on to the story...  We were told that they had made progress in our new offices, so we went to take a look and right when we walked in, there was a huge dip in the floor.  Connie bit it, and bit it hard!  She rolled her ankle in the dip and skinned her knee when she fell.  She is fine now, but still has a big ole cut on her knee.

Here is a photo of Connie's pants after the fall.  We asked for a butt pic because her backside is the whitest we've ever seen, but she respectfully declined to let us photo her rear.

And now on to the carnage!  Oh man, she needs to get that cleaned out before it gets infected.

And just for fun, here is a side by side we posted on our Connie and Fish Instagram account.