As a certified foodie, 'Restaurant Week' is basically a holiday in Grand Rapids and I was able to check out a restaurant I haven't been to before and see what they had to offer. To sum it up: a bunch of delicious food... aaand strong drinks ;-)

I went to Cork Wine & Grille on Cascade Rd. for the first time and the restaurant itself is really nice with a great ambiance. But let's get into the main event, the food. The restaurant offered three different options for the appetizer and I went with the Whipped Feta Dip

Locally made French style feta whipped with citrus & herbs, baked lawash chips, sweet & spicy pickled peppers



Appetizers [Christine George/TSM][/caption] 

Definitely, a must if you're a cheese lover. My favorite part is how light it felt. Plenty of room left for dinner! The other app in the picture is the Pork Belly Tostada. I did not try that because my date ate all of it without sharing. Rude LOL.

Out of the three options for dinner, I had to go with the Chuck Steak because duh.

Grilled 6 oz steak, caramelized onion & Dijon cream, asparagus, roasted garlic whipped potatoes



Dinner [Christine George/TSM][/caption] 

Everything about this was delish but surprisingly my favorite part about it was the cream sauce on the steak and the potatoes. My date ordered the Pesto Shrimp Cavatappi. I'm assuming it was as good as it looked since he took leftovers home. It was the first date so I didn't think it was appropriate to reach over and eat off his plate. Second date, though? He'll see what foodie Christine is like to go out with LOL.

After the second round of cocktails, it was time for dessert and since I'm not a cheesecake fan I went with the Strawberry Shortcake.

Buttermilk biscuits topped with fresh strawberries, mint & vanilla scented whipped cream


Dessert [Christine George/TSM][/caption] 

Mmm, this was sooo yummy. Light, fluffy, and as someone who doesn't like overly sweet, this was the perfect amount of sweetness. Here's the real shocker though, my date actually let me try his Lemon Blueberry Crumb Cheesecake. I took a small bite cuz, again, not a cheesecake fan. However, it was actually really tasty. The blueberries tasted fresh and the cheese was not overwhelming.

Restaurant Week ends Sunday, the 18th and there are 70 participating restaurants! So if you're having trouble deciding where to go, I think these pictures speak for themselves.

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