Let me start this off by saying that I have never been a very good Athlete.  I was always OK.  Typically never was picked last but NEVER picked first.  I by no means can say that I won all the contests in gym class and that damn rope thing from the ceiling … DAMN YOU ROPE!!!

So why is Fish sharing this possibly obvious fact with us?  Why do we need to know this?  Why do my pants feel so tight even though I have been working out a lot?

I do believe LOSING as a kid can build character.  I DO believe that people are so sensitive now that they are making even more sensitive people. I KNOW that Florida State University is mentally getting a kick in the ass from me!!!

So, Florida State University just created a mandatory online class for freshmen to help them handle the STRESS that comes with going off to college.  Isn’t that a great idea?  It really is.  It’s something I could have used.  Maybe this will help focus new students on their future.  Maybe this will help remove kids from dropping out.  Whoever came up with this … YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!  Seriously.  With our sensitive world that we live in I am sure this can make a difference.

Wait … wait wait wait!!!  Let’s ruin it!

They're offering everyone an option to SKIP the mandatory class . . . IF they think that doing it would make them too stressed.  OH COME ON!!! Are you kidding me!  Why are we constantly worrying about the feelings?  Ahhhh … did you get a mental BOO BOO?  Not a real mental injury but a little boo boo because you have to be on your own.  Did your parents not prepare you for the “REAL WORLD”?

It’s going to get worse and not better.  I am telling you.  You think people are to sensitive now.  This type of society is going to make it worse.  It really is.

It’s ok to not always win.  It builds character.  Not everyone has to play the game.  Sometimes the chubby ginger just becomes a photographer instead of sports and then excels at that.