Boy oh boy did I get lucky with this one. For Restaurant Week, 2015 I got the honor to go to Rose's on Reeds Lake. I wasn't the ONLY one who got lucky though... I took a friend of mine along with me, because she had never (GASP!) been to Rose's! Can you imagine?? Neither could I.

Anyhoo, so off to Rose's we go. On the most PERFECT day of summer yet. We sit outside on the beautiful patio and get to watch all of the boats coming and going and everyone smiling. No joke. Every. Single. Person. was smiling. Was it because they were outside on the most beautiful day of summer? Was it because they were all heading into Rose's to have some great eats? Was it a combination of both? Probably.
Lunch was three courses. This is what I went with...
Course 1: Ingraberg Farm Heirloom Grape and Cherry Tomato Caprese Salad. Delish. Who knew there were so many different kinds of tomatoes? I didn't. And really, just pour some balsamic onto pretty much ANYthing and you've got winner winner chicken dinner.
Course 2: Otto's Fresh Herb Chicken Burger. Have you ever had a chicken burger before? I had not. Honestly, I really wasn't sure what to expect. It was exactly what it says - a chicken burger. With sharp white cheddar cheese and sweet cherry jam on it... Mmmm... Sooooo good.
Course 3: I'm a key lime pie girl. I had key lime pie. With probably the BEST pie crust that I've ever had in my life. My friend asked me for a bite and I almost said, "no!". It was that good.
To wash it all down we had some Bowers Harbor Pinot Grigio. We were wishing that we were still hungry (we were not) because we wanted to try more! My friend said she'll be heading back to Rose's this weekend. But this time, probably, "with a real date". How rude, huh??  ;o)