It's not often you can sit down at a restaurant and tell the waitress to bring you one of everything, but that's exactly what my wife, Katie, and I did Tuesday night at Amore.

Their restaurant week special is five course for $28. FIVE COURSES! Since there are two options for each course, Katie and I decided to try them all.

First up was a cheese-stuffed risotto fritter and a sausage filled mushroom. The mushroom was our favorite. You know when a piece of sausage falls off of your pizza and you pop it into your mouth? Imagine if that sausage was inside a mushroom and was covered in a tomato vodka sauce. So good!

We were divided on the second course. Katie's favorite summertime snack is a caprese salad and this may have been the best version she's ever had. I'm a sucker for a good beet salad (gross right?) and Amore's combination of goat cheese, beets, apples, candied walnuts and fresh greens was right up my alley.

I should also mention that I opted for the beer pairing with my meal. After having Italian beers with the first two courses it was time to move on to a couple local brews. Mike was working behind the bar and he hand delivered my Founders Red Rye and told us we were in for a real treat on the soup course. He said that he could eat the Nero, a cheesy soup with truffle and lamb bacon, for every meal the rest of his life. He wasn't kidding! Katie and I were both a little sad that we were sharing and only got a half a bowl.

The main course was a choice of Amore's white lasagna (which is just as cheesy and rich as the Nero) and a risotto stuffed red bell pepper. Both were fantastic, but we both gave the nod to the lasagna. Katie called it the best thing she ate all night.

The best thing I ate all night was the pumpkin cannoli. I don't know how Chef Jenna got the filling to be so smooth and so flavorful, but it was great! I wish they had a deli counter so I could've taken home as many as I could carry! The other dessert was a hand rolled chocolate truffle with Pop Rocks and cayenne. Katie loved that it wasn't as bitter as some of the truffles she'd had in the past, and, seriously, they had me at Pop Rocks!

It took me three years to finally make it into Amore, with five course for $28 you can't afford to wait that long. Restaurant Week ends Sunday. Just make sure you call ahead for a reservation!

Check out their website below:

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