An exploding propane tank, an alert citizen and a barking dog added up to an adventurous Sunday morning, which luckily ended with no one hurt.

A Michigan paper delivery man is being credited for saving a family's life after he spotted a fire engulfing their garage this past Sunday. The man alerted the homeowner after spotting the garage fire a couple of streets away in Plainfield Charter Township, which is just north of Grand Rapids.

Officials say that moments after everyone had escaped, a propane tank on the property exploded and ignited fireworks in the burning garage. Amazingly, despite the close call, no one was injured in the blaze.

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Tina Jolman told WOOD-TV 8 her dogs woke her up around 4:30am. “(I) let them in my room, heard a banging on the door, it was an older guy. (I) kind of got scared, being a female answering the door at that time. He screamed that my garage was on fire,” Jolman recalls. “This man, he’s an angel, he saved my life. Between him and my dogs, we’re here today because of this man. Greg thank you, whoever you are, thank you.”

Nothing is known about the hero except his first name, Greg.

The home was a total loss for Jolman, who lives there with her son's fiancee. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family cover some of their losses.

Pat DuVall of the Plainfield Charter Township Fire Department posted this dramatic video of the fire. The dramatic explosion occurred while PFD was fighting the blaze, and in the video you can see a couple of fire fighters narrowly avoid serious injury when the garage blows up at around 2:44.

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