I've lived in Michigan my entire life, and I had no idea that Michigan had its own Groundhog's Day groundhog. Turns out, we totally do!

Our groundhog is actually "Woody the Woodchuck" and she (yes she) resides in Marion Township over on Michigan's east side. 

In 2015, Woody wasn't able to fulfill her duties on Groundhog's Day due to a respiratory infection and they had to use a stand-in marmot. In 2016, however, Woody was able to do her job. But only sort of. And this year, she pretty much had a repeat performance of last year.

Mostly, Woody refused to come out of her house at all, which the "experts" say means we'll have six more weeks of winter. I question their interpretation, but I'm not a groundhog expert, so...

Woody's forecasts have been correct fourteen times in the past 18 years, which is way better than Punxsutawney Phil’s measly 39 percent.

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