House Fires are always extremely scary and usually a nightmare.  We never think something so bad could happen, until we hear about others having horror stories of house fires.  If people make it out alive from a fire, it is a miracle.

A man lived this nightmare when his house caught on fire in South Haven Township, and thankfully he made it out alive, along with his dogs.  The garage was completely filled with flames.  Although the cause of the fire is still be determined, it did leave many damages to the house.

Dogs really can be a man's best friend.  The homeowner said the dog barking was what made him aware of the fire.  Normally, a dogs bark can be considered as obnoxious, but in this case, it saved the man's life.  If it weren't for the dog barking, the fire could have been much worst.

Dogs are not only friends to their owners, but protectors as well.