We've talked about it on multiple occasions - we are addicted to our phones/technology. We are constantly connected yet more disconnected than ever before with the outside world, especially those closest to us.

According to Mashable, Durex condoms did a survey of 2,000 adults and more than half (52%) said they expect better sex when they are on vacation this summer. However, even more than that (60%) said reality doesn't match up to what they imagined/hoped. And a major reason for that is because technology gets in the way.

Because of this, Durex created a social experiment where they invited 6 couples on a vacation and divided the group in half. 3 couples would go through their vacation without using any type of technology... while the other half were allowed to keep their phones. The results were pretty obvious, but also an eye-opener to those who don't realize how distracting your cell phone is and how much it can actually take away from a vacation and connecting with your partner.

You can watch the experiment in the video below, and, keep in mind -- to get the best summer loving yet, just remember #DoNotDisturb.