One of this year's hottest college football recruits has been making waves, but it has nothing to do with his skills. It's all about his name. Noah Knigga, a soon to be freshman linebacker from Indiana, has been creating headlines due to the obvious nature of the difficulty of pronouncing his last name.

Noah's name has been made into countless memes, and many have joked that whatever team recruited him would have an announcer that would likely be cancelled from saying it the incorrect way. And lucky for us- He's commited to Eastern Michigan University, meaning he'll be making Michigan broadcasters nervous for the next few years.

Really, with careful thought this should be no problem. And that's why the Play-by-Play announcer for Eastern Michigan University has come forward to say that he's completely comfortable with the challenge.

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In a Tik Tok video posted by HookedByHelmets, he announces to his followers that while his speciality online is giving insight on football helmets and more, he admits that his other job is doing the announcing for the Eastern Michigan Eagles.

HookedOnHelmets on Tik Tok
HookedOnHelmets on Tik Tok

All jokes aside, Noah is an incredible player and will prove to be an asset for the Eagles next season, even if he's leaving some lesser broadcasters (and fans) sweating with his indirectly controversial name. You can watch the video here:
@hookedonhelmets This guy presents a whole new challenge for broadcasters #EasternMichigan #hookedonhelmets ♬ original sound - hookedonhelmets

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