After getting over 40,000 signatures that the Easy Bake Oven should be produced and marketed to both girls and boys. This comes after 13 year old New Jersey girl, McKenna Pope wanted to buy the oven for her little brother as a gift but could only find it produced in pink or purple. After being frustrated when she contacted the company and finding out that the oven is ONLY produced in pink or purple she started the petition and ended up making national headlines.

Now, Hasbro has made the decision to produce the Easy Bake Oven in other colors and make it as gender neutral as possible. No word yet on design, colors and other changes that may come but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

Update:  According to USA Today's website, "Hasbro plans to unveil a new black-and-silver Easy-Bake Oven in February, following an online petition urging the toy company to market the product in a way that appeals to both boys and girls."

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