If you were listening last week on Thursday, you might have noticed that we did something a little bit different from 9-10 am.  WE HAD A DANCE PARTY!

We took your requests, played some of Fish's megamixes and played a ton of fun, dance music.  Well, we want to do that every Friday to kick off the start of the weekend, but our boss, Sweet Sweet Doug, isn't playing along.

Sweet Sweet Doug needs some convincing and we need your help doing that!  We need you to email him and tell him that you loved the dance party and want to hear it every week!

Here is Sweet Sweet Doug's email: SSDoug@ConnieandFish.com

Send him an email (and be nice, he is a "goodish" boss) and tell him that you need the Connie and Fish dance party in your life!  Also, feel free to tell him that we all deserve raises too.  Oh, and company cars.  And company phones too.  And maybe even some solid gold watches, or earrings, or fake teeth.